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Non-League Football Matters opened in 2009 as an independent football history information site about non-league soccer in England. The main reason why the site was started was because of my long-term interest in non-league football, which began when I watched Scarborough F.C. in the Midland and Yorkshire Leagues.


The loss of the Boro in 2007 was devastating and this left a major gap.  Two successful clubs rose from the ashes, however, with Scarborough Athletic joining the NCEL and Scarborough Town entering the Teesside League. 


Athletic won promotion to the top flight of their league and have since gone on to win the Premier Division and a place next season in the Northern Premier League.  Sadly, the club has had to play its home games in Bridlington 2008-2013.


Town won their league at the first attempt and were Wearside League champions a year later.  Ground problems prevented the club from moving up to the NCEL and forced a year off.  These things led to the break-up of the team, but the club re-emerged 2011-2012 in the Humber Premier League and won promotion plus the Division 1 title.  Last season proved more difficult, however, and. For reasons outlined on the club website, Scarborough Town F.C. have folded and ceased to exist.  Access to the club website is therefore no longer possible as it has been discontinued.  




During its first year, the site concentrated on providing past final tables for leagues in the North. In the second year the aim was to provide the same sort of information about leagues in the Midlands and South – from when these started to the present. In the site's third year, the work continued with more leagues being covered and an attempt to include more current information also. This approach then continued during the site’s fourth year, with a further extension to include all the U.K.'s four countries.


Leagues included are listed below, with notes on how to access the information. Details of ‘current’ items are shown below, after the ‘history contents’ of the site.




REGIONS 1 which includes sections on:


the CONFERENCE 1979-present (National, North and South);


DEFUNCT leagues = Athenian League, Cheshire County League, Lancashire Combination, Midland League, North Eastern League and Yorkshire League;


current 'NORTH-based' leagues = Midland Alliance, Northern Premier League, Northern Counties (East) League, North West Counties League and Northern League;


current 'SOUTH-based' leagues = (Southern A) Southern League, Hellenic League, Spartan South Midlands League, United Counties League, Wessex League, Western League, (Southern B) Isthmian League, Combined Counties League, Eastern Counties League, Essex Senior League, Kent League and Sussex County League. Details of years covered of leagues in the South can be found within Regions 1.




The regions are:

Metropolitan   Midlands   North       North East

North West     South      South East  South West


The leagues it is planned to provide some coverage of are:


Aetolian League              Anglian Combination

Bedfordshire League          Birmingham & District League

Cambridgeshire League        Central Alliance

Central Midlands League      Chiltonian League

Cornwall Combination         Devon County League

Dorset Premier League        Durham Alliance

Early Southern League        Essex Olympian League

Gloucestershire County       Great Western Combination

Greater London League        Hertfordshire League

Humber Premier League        Kent County Amateur League

Kent County League           Lancashire Alliance

Leicestershire Senior        Lincolnshire League

Liverpool Co. Combination    London League

London Spartan League        Manchester League

Metropolitan & District      Metropolitan-London League

Mid-Sussex League            Middlesex County League

Midland Combination          North Berkshire League

North Devon League           North Lancashire League

Northants Combination        Northamptonshire League 1895-1934

Northern Alliance            Northern Amateur League

Northern Combination         Notts Alliance/Senior     

Notts & Derbyshire League    Original Kent League

Oxfordshire Senior League    Parthenon League

Peterborough & District      Seanglian League

Somerset County League       South Midlands League

South West Peninsula         South Western League

Spartan South Midlands       Staffordshire County Senior League

Suffolk & Ipswich League     Surrey Senior League Teesside League

Wearside League              West Cheshire League

West Lancashire League       West Midlands (Regional) League

West Riding County Amateur   West Yorkshire League

Worcestershire Combination   York League

North Northumberland League  Tyneside Amateur League

Liverpool County Premier League

Bristol Premier Combination  Bristol & Suburban League

Hampshire League 2004        Hampshire Premier League

Southern Amateur League      Tyneside League


Hopefully there will be others. For the dates covered for the various leagues, please see the Regions 2 Main Page.


REGIONS 3 (new in November 2012) is partly an 'overspill' from Regions 2 and partly completely new as coverage extends to include leagues in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. 


The section is divided into a number of parts - East, Midlands, North, South, West, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  Details of which leagues are included can be found on the main REGIONS 3 page.


The ARCHIVE section has pages for 2009-2010, 2010-2011, 2011-2012 and 2012-2013. For each of these seasons there are a number of non-league tables, with enough leagues included in the most recent seasons to warrant 3 pages being necessary.


The EUROPEAN LEAGUES section is new at late November 2013 and will be developed according to how much time and information is available..



The materials contained on this web site are provided for general information only and do not constitute any form of advice. and the site administrator assume no responsibility for the accuracy of any particular statement and accept no liability for any loss or damage which may arise from reliance on the information contained on this site. Links to other web sites from these pages are for information only and the site administrator accepts no responsibility or liability for access to or the material on any web site which is linked from or to this web site. By providing links to other sites, the site administrator does not guarantee, approve or endorse the information or products available at these sites, nor does a link indicate any association with or endorsement by the linked site to



April 7th - Many thanks to Fred Beadham whose research has made it possible to add details from about twenty more seasons of Teesside League seasons in the period 1948-1978 in the Regions 2 North part of the site.

April 6th - 'Tops and bottoms' snapshots tables for Levels 1-5 have been updated to today's standings, with top six and bottom six clubs, games played and points won shown.

There will be some news later this week about Subbuteo.

March 30th - As a mark of respect to Len Minnikin, whose funeral is on Tuesday, April 1st, there will be no activity on this website this week.

March 26th - 'Tops and bottoms' snapshot tables for leagues in Wales  2013-2014 are now on site

I have been informed by the site provider that this website is almost full, with little 'storage space' left. I hope to complete all items and themes started, then leave the site on-line for about 12 months - up to May 2015.

March 25th - Sad news was received yesterday of the death of an old school friend - R.I.P. Len Minnikin. 

Forty+ Step 7 leagues' tops and bottoms 2013-2014 have been added this morning

March 24th - 'Tops and bottoms' snapshot tables have been added for all English Step 6 leagues this morning.

March 23rd - The 2013-2014 section has returned to the site.  Today's page looks at how things are shaping up at the tops and bottoms of all twenty-six Steps 1-5 leagues in the English Non-League Pyramid

March 18th - There has been a little activity in Euro3-Extra this morning with three further seasons covered for Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia and Georgia.

March 13th - Six tables from the early years of the Northern Combination have been added this morning in the Regions 2 North-East section.  Many thanks to Patrick Brennan for supplying the material used for this.

March 12th - With pages of Faroe Islands and San Marino league soccer 1998-2005/6 safely tucked into Euro3-Extra, the first phase of that section is now complete ...

... AND ALSO ... thanks once again to Fred Beadham, the Durham Alliance page in Regions 2 North-East has a new look to it and carried all the competition's final tables for the years 1996-2013 ...

... on top of which ... we have a new floor in BOTH sides of the house downstairs.  Thanks to Highbury Homes of Brighouse and CarpetRight of Huddersfield.

Some days are really, really good!

March 11th - In Regions 2 North-East today, thanks to Fred Beadham, much more Teesside League information, including some details from between the World Wars and many more tables  from the 1990s

December 2011 - published by DESERT ISLAND BOOKS -

HOPKIN'S HISTORY OF THE FOOTBALL LEAGUE and PREMIER LEAGUE (VOLUME 4 1992-2011) - PRICE £12-99. I think this is a great book - but then I'm biased because I wrote it.



Other useful websites include the FCHD and RSSF sites, but the Non-League Tables archive at, has now disappeared. The late Tony Kempster's website is excellent for more recent seasons and at Mike Avery ( and have covered more recent times.


The site had its 10,000th visitor since mid-February, 2010 on June 2nd, 2011.  With a further 70,000 visitors by 9 a.m. on February 22nd, 2014 the count has been re-started yet again. 


The original hit counter had disappeared at 4224, so the count was re-started on February 13th, 2010.

That means about 20,000 'hits' per year.




Hopefully around for a while.






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